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What is Family Mediation?

Cost of Mediation

Separation and divorce can have a
large impact on your current and
future finances. Not only are you dividing the assets and expenses that you and your spouse had perhaps built,  saved and paid for together, but you may also be moving to a single-income lifestyle which will have
it's own set of challenges and adjustments. 

Mediation is a great way to
cut costs throughout your separation and divorce.

By keeping these costs low it can

help save money for your

personal or family priorities,
such as a down-payment on your next home or your child's next season of hockey enrollment. 

Just as no two families are the same, no two mediations are the same either.
We encourage you to call our office at
(613) 790-0552 to talk about the costs and timeline of a Mediation and whether Mediation would be suitable for you and your separating spouse.

Family Mediation is a process where there is a neutral facilitator helping the parties discuss and negotiate the terms of their separation.

A mediator is not a lawyer, judge or advocate for either party. The duty and priority of a mediator is to help both parties come to a fair and reasonable agreement that is suitable and sustainable for both parties.

As with every mediation under the OAFM (Ontario Association of Family Mediators) Standards of Practice, we begin the process with an Intake Meeting to learn more about your situation and discuss your concerns and your interests. We also discuss scheduling and the documentation you may need prior to your next visit. The Intake Meetings are usually done separately and last approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. Either party can schedule this meeting at their own suitable time; the intake meetings do not have to be scheduled back to back or on the same day.


The next step in the process is your first mediation session. These sessions can cover everything from parenting plans, to spousal and child support, to division of property and equalization payments.


Once you and your spouse have negotiated all terms in your agreement, the last step would be Drafting & Read Through. This includes multiple copies of your agreement, a thorough read through of the document, and any minor text revisions. Once the final draft has been approved, copies are sent with both parties to receive recommended Independent Legal Advice and, in turn, sign, date and witness the document. 

Family Mediation